Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And You May Wonder Where I've Been...

I was "in a relationship."

And now, thankfully, I'm not.

Started bad. Ended worse.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets continue.

I am still part time Manager, part time Server, full time procrastinator. I want to say I am still wearing the rose-tinted management glasses I once was. However I cannot. Tonight is my first night serving in about, eh, six months. Ahhh good luck to my co-workers who have my wrath to deal with. Stay posted to see what the night brings....

Love You. Missed You.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 Months, New Managers and Some Firings

Neeeeeedless to say, those that read my blog probably feel as if I have abandoned you. Au Contraire. My computer is broken and I've been LOST without it.

And, of course I work constantly.

Big GM is gone. We have an "acting manager". I want to say I like her but I can't. Don't hate her, just don't like her. She comes here instilling us with her opinions and when she leaves??? I've learned alot. Management wise. And I love my job.

I know. ME. The Unhappy Waitress. But it's actually realllllly great. It suits me.

Old Faithful got fired. I played my part of that. She needed to go. She was a reckless drunk with no regards for her family and no respect for herself. Good Riddance......

New computer comes next week internets so....

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

(Un) Happy Manager???

I like my new position. I really do. I think Management really suits me. I think I will always have the mentality of a server and I think I can use that to ensure the quality of my restaurant.

Things have been so crazy lately. They've been sendin a girl all over the place. From location to location, I've been "restaurant-hopping" if you will. I've learned so much and seen so many things. I have so many stories and I've made new friends!!

All in all, I'm ready to get back in my store. Make things happen. And tell you all the tales!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Miss You

I really do. I'm not lying.

But life has been CRAZY!!!!!!

I'm almost finished my management training. My restaurant is closed however. We had a small tragedy. By way of a burst pipe. We're opening in a few days though. So now that I have a bit more time to myself, I will have more time to get back to you!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Checking Back In

Happy New Year!

I've been away so long!

Because I've been training I have been getting up super early (Not something us servers do well.) and drinving an hour and some change away. But I'm almost done and next week I'll be the closing manager at my restaurant! I'm kinda nervous.

Oh wait. NO! I'm SUPER FREAKIN nervous.

But ANYWHO, let me give you the quick version:

HM isn't with the company anymore. CRAZY. And also he's crazy too. Apparently he was talking mad shit on a girl. But I don't care.

I kinda met someone. He's super nice to me and understands what I want and what I don't want. PROBLEM is, he works with me. And now that I'm his boss we can't hang out or I could get in trouble. What to do? He wants to quit but I would feel bad.

I'm excited to be back in my store and I'm sure I'll have lotsa stories soon.

Miss you guys!!!!

See ya soon!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Such a Long Time

Oh, Internets I'm sorry. I've been away for so long.

It has been crazy.

I left the day job and slept in for a week! And then I realized "OMG, I have to get ready for Christmas". So, needless to say I've been going CRAZZZZZY.

The world of the restaurant however has been going interestingly. I have not even beagn my management training. But I have been working lots:/

I'm ok with NEVER talking to Hot Manager again though. This is why you shouldn't sleep with those you work with. It always ends up like this. We'll save that story for another day.

Merry Christmas Internets.

I'll be back later. PROMISE!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Lipton Ocean

Yes, Lipton. Like as in Lipton Tea.

What I am referring to is the ocean of tea created in the back last night by the New Girl. She brewed the tea (Much appreciated, because most just leave it empty until I need it and then I have to wait the whole time for it to brew blah blah blah...) BUT forgot to put the tea container underneath the spout. Hence, The Lipton Ocean. I'm walking to my table with a piping hot plate of boneless wings and I hear what sounds like water puoring from the ceiling. I look over and see tea EVERYWHERE. And my next three minutes....

-"OH Jesus" (Loud enough for my WHOLE section to hear) Quick put wings down, grab tea container and stop the spill, run food to table while trying not to take a dip in The Lipton Ocean, find the culprit who brewed tea, tell her she needs to clean it, pick up drinks at bar, greet table, put order in, breathe...-

Then to make matters better, Corporate walks in. Great!!! So the quick make it look presentable scramble starts.

(This looks much like when you were eight and supposed to be cleaning your room and your mom walks in so you push all the stuff you were playing with under the bed)

(Only not as easy to get away with)

So after that we figure out these guys are only here for building inspections. I texted HM to tell him about it. And then he calls me to talk about it. What I've done to merit these phone calls, I don't know. But they are becoming frequent. Not complaining. I talked to him 3-4 times before the night is out. Random.

(Funny side note, Old Faithful comes up and tells me HM called the store and told the MOD (Manager on Duty) to tell her he said hi. What he said was tell everyone there I said hi. But it's fun to tease him about it...)

Drove Little Guy to his train again last night. But thankfully I drove one of the cooks too so I was saved from questions like this "So, when we gon' hook up?"

Oh wait, never.
Ever. In life.

I called Big GM today. Today is his meeting. Tomorrow I find out more about my management training.